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AVG Secure Browser: All at a Glance

Security software producing company AVG recognized for its free and commercial security software products that provide a wide range of safety-related protection and services. AVG also offers some free products just like other security software-producing organizations and they are offering the best services in free versions also. You can get it at and it’s very simple to install and use.

What is AVG Secure Browser?

AVG Secure Browser is a quick, protected, and private web browser developed by AVG. It is produced with the built-in Security & Privacy Center, which makes it simple to use and maintain your online activity and offers security while you surf.

The Security & Privacy Center is a dashboard with tools, characteristics, and settings that enable you to control your online activity. When you visit the Security & Privacy Center, you can see and choose which tools to apply and determine how you need to configure AVG Secure Browser. AVG Secure Browser is not only offering a more reliable and private browser, but also a more protected device. Visit the Security & Privacy Center by clicking on the 3 dots available in the top-right corner of AVG Secure Browser console.

Also, AVG Secure Browser is produced to run comfortably beside other browsers. AVG Secure Browser is very useful when an additional layer of protection is required, like internet banking or surfing or shopping online. So visit and get more details on it.

How can we install AVG Secure Browser?

AVG Secure Browser is already available in your AVG Antivirus software product, so buy AVG Antivirus from now and get it. Or you can also download AVG Secure Browser from the AVG website directly.

How to open an AVG Secure Browser?

To open AVG Secure Browser, you can use any of the below methods like:

  • Click twice on the AVG shortcut icon available on Desktop

  • Click on the AVG icon available on the taskbar

  • Find and Click on the AVG icon from the Start menu

AVG Safe Browser gives the user numerous benefits for safe browsing using the Internet:

  • Block unsafe websites that attempt to insert wicked code.

  • Security against phishing, online scams, and attacks.

  • Defend your sensitive data with the Do-Not-Track function, allowed by default.

Features of AVG Antivirus Secure Browser:

Default Browser:

The default browser characteristic enables you to choose AVG Secure Browser as your default browser when you visit a link. To enable this in your browser, go to the 3 dots in your Menu icon, then in Settings, click on Make Default in the Default browser setting part.


Adblock feature of AVG Secure Browser prevents ads showing or popping up on the web pages you open, which increases the rate and security of your browsing. By default, Adblock is enabled so to disable this in the menu of Security & Privacy Center console, click on the slider below Adblock so it will turn to gray color.

Password Manager:

It is a feature in AVG Secure Browser that enables you to securely save all your id/passwords at a place, so you can simply use your online accounts. To get the Password Manager, go to the below settings:

Menu >> Settings >> Advanced >> Passwords and forms >> Manage Passwords

In the Manage passwords window, you can see all the saved login data and configure your password management settings. You can also disable it from settings.


It prevents risky websites, phishing attacks, malicious downloads, while you surf the web.

Stealth Mode:

Sometimes it is introduced as privacy mode or incognito mode, which is a privacy feature that blocks your browsing history from being saved and removes any cookies or caches you get while your Stealth Mode browsing. Get it by,

Menu >> Security & Privacy Center >> Stealth Mode >> Launch Window

Other Features like HTTPS Encryption, Anti-Tracking, Privacy Cleaner, Extension Guard, Flash Blocker, Anti-Fingerprinting, Video Downloader, etc makes it more useful and recognized among users. For any further query visit now.

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